Das Silo

°dilight was hired by the firm Aurelius of Hamburg, Germany, to visualize the retrofitting of an old silo.

An old silo in the port city of Hamburg-Harburg was to be given a new use. Since the silo's structure had suffered with age, not all of its original building material could be used
in the retrofitting. This was a major reason computer visualization was used to get an impression of what the final result of the retrofitting would look like.

This particular silo was of interest to us since so many areas had to be visualized. It was quite unusual for a project of this type that the outer area as well as various inner areas
had to be visualized. The visualizations were started prior to the begin of construction and continued parallel to the project until its completion. The results of the visualization were
used online, for print and for presentations.

"We valued Cinema 4D from the very start for its smooth workflow, its very good import functinality and especially for its intuitive interface.", said project manager Ullrich (Yu Kei) Kopka. He continued, "The software is exceptionally stable -very important when working in a professinal environment - and so well-programmed that we've had it running on all workstations for over two years."

The °dilight team, comprised mainly of architects, began with computer visualization in the mid-80's has been awarded over a dozen national and international prizes since the mid-90's.

In the little free time he has, "Yu Kei" tries to pass on his knowledge and experience to others. This gave birth to the website land.liquid-light.org, a collection of various tutorials which are available to the Cinema 4D community.

Although dilight now covers the complete spectrum of new media, from filmmaking to content management systems, visualizations have remained a major part of their business.


Kopka Borgmann Melzer

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