Bose Flagship Store in NYC Entirely Designed in Cinema 4D!

The world-renowned audio/video specialist Bose Corporation recently inaugurated its new flagship store in the newly opened AOL/Time Warner building in downtown Manhattan.

Designed by Montreal-based architecture and design firm Ædifica, this project maximized the presentation and storage areas of this otherwise awkwardly configured space through the use of a large leather-clad curved wall and concealed storage cabinets behind the displays. Ædifica also co-developed the new communication strategy with Diesel Marketing.

Traditionally, Ædifica has always relied on CAD-based software as its core modeller, using Cinema 4D for texturing and rendering.

Since 1999, Aedifica has used Cinema 4D as its primary presentation tool. Cinema 4D's rendering speed and rock-solid stability has permitted Aedifica to realize concepts ranging from small kiosks to a 10,000-seat stadium. For the Bose project, however, Cinema 4D was used from the project's very beginning, even for the conceptual work. Walls, shelves and floor fixtures were designed in Cinema 4D and exported to a CAD application where the final construction drawings were made.

Lead designer Stephane Bernier was very impressed with the precision and flexibility of Cinema 4D's modeling tools: "Many things were simply much easier to create and modify with Cinema 4D than with a CAD application."

Stéphane Bernier, B.Arch.
Design Manager

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