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How do I import an object via the Content Browser?

If a 3D object file is dragged from the Content Browser into the Viewport, the file will be loaded as a new Project, just as if you had used the Open command.

In order to merge or import the object to the current Project, drag it from the Content Browser into the Object Manager. If the Object Manager is tabbed to the Content Browser (as it is by default), just drag to the Object Manager tab, leave the mouse button pressed, and after a brief pause, the Object Manager will become active. Now continue dragging into the hierarchy and release the mouse button. The object will be added to the current Project.

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How can I stop the program from quitting when I type Ctrl/Cmd+W?

To customize the key commands:

Open the Command Manager (Window / Command Manager)
Find the Quit command.
Unassign Ctrl/Cmd+W from the command by clicking the red X.
Close the dialog box.

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Why is registration required?

Most high-end software requires some form of dongle, hardware key or registration. These mechanisms help to control piracy and aid in providing quality customer service.

MAXON has chosen to require registration in lieu of a dongle or hardware key because we believe this is a more convenient option to the customer. Your registration allows us to quickly identify you as a customer when you request technical support or upgrades to more recent versions of the software. Your information may also be used to notify you of updates  that may be available for your software. 

MAXON takes great care to safeguard your privacy, and while your contact info may be shared with MAXON distributors and authorized resellers in the area, your information will never be given or sold to an organization without a direct affiliation to MAXON. For more information regarding our privacy policies, view the privacy policy link in the footer of each page on our website, or contact your local MAXON distributer.

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What are the limitations of the demo version?

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate our products. 

Once activated, you can: 

– Save and export your Projects

– Create and save textures in 3D Painting mode

– Save rendered images and animations

– Save compositing file (incl. Multi-Pass renderings)

This functionality will remain active for 42 days after activation. After this period the demo version can still be used but the features listed above will no longer function.

The Cinema 4D demo version's Project files are of the same format as the commercial Cinema 4D version, which allows files to be exchanged. Rendered images and animations or painted textures contain no stamp or watermark. The render size is limited to 640 x 400 pixels. 

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Serial number premature expiration

Your temporary license should be valid for 3 months (90 days).

If your serial number expires prior to 90 days, it's most likely the result of some anomaly related to your system clock. Check to make sure the clock time is set correctly, especially when installing the software.

We recommend registering your software as soon as possible to receive your permanent serial number to avoid these types of problems.

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I input my permanent serial number into the 'Personalize' dialog but it does not change to the new serial number.

If you're on a network, you must make sure you are logged in as the Administrator so the Permanent serial number can write to the registery. In most cases for both Mac and Windows, if you are logged on as a User, it's possible that you may not have the permission to write to the registery.

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How do I retain plugins or custom preferences and keyboard shortcuts when upgrading Cinema 4D?

All plugins are stored in the plugins folder within your application's directory. Similarly, all custom preferences and keyboard shortcuts are contained in the preferences folder. Before updating an existing installation of Cinema 4D or BodyPaint 3D, copy these folders to a safe location on your hard drive. After updating, replace them in their proper locations.

Note that due to changes in the SDK and application architecture, plugins and preferences from previous versions may not be compatible. Compatibility varies with each version - if you experience problems, delete the affected plugin or the preferences folder (default preferences will be restored automatically).

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Is the competitive sidegrade version a limited version?

Competitive sidegrades for all MAXON products are identical in functionality to the full commercial release - they are merely offered at special incentive pricing.

The competitive upgrade is offered as an extra incentive for users of other 3D applications to give our products a try.

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Serial number is not working

Here's an example of what your serial should look like in the registration - 

Make sure that the hyphens (-) are included and also the letters must be in capitals. 

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How do I remove/delete my serials from my MAC

Open the following folder on your hard drive Macintosh HD / User / [username] / Library / Preferences.

Look for all files starting with 'mca' and delete them.

Repeat this procedure with the folder Macintosh HD / Library / Preferences if there are files also starting with mca.

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How do I remove/delete my serials from my PC

Open your Startmenu Start >(Accessories)> Run

Type 'regedit' into this commandline and enter it.

Now the windows registry should be opened and you can start a search using the key 'F3'.

Type mc4d and start the search. If you find such a folder, delete it by right clicking and choosing delete. 

Repeat this search until the whole registry has been searched for this folder. 

Close the windows registry. 

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Not accepting serials for MAC

Cinema 4D saves serials an a MAC to this folder - 

Macintosh HD / User / [username] / Library / Preferences

Because a user folder is used, the serial number can be different for each user. Therefore, copying the files starting with mca from the folder mentioned above to the folder mentioned below should solve the problem - 

Macintosh HD / Library / Preferences

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Not accepting serials for PC

For Windows Vista and Windows 7, it could mean that your Cinema 4D is not being run as admin. 

The solution for this is to right-click on the Cinema 4D icon (where you go to boot up Cinema 4D), select Run as Admin and this should allow the serials to be accepted.

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Where can I find the MAXON preferences folder?

MAXON Preferences folder can be found in Cinema 4D - 

Edit / Preferences / Open Preferences Folder...