Team Render – the Network Rendering Revolution!

CINEMA 4D R15 - the ultimate team player to render high-res stills and animations.

With CINEMA 4D R15 Team Render you can easily exploit all the excess processing power in your local network to quickly preview scenes and render high-resolution stills or final animations.
Team Render is a groundbreaking new approach to network rendering that minimizes setup time and maximizes performance using a peer-to-peer architecture and automatic discovery of render clients via Bonjour. Click to add computers to your team, and quickly distribute complex render tasks across your entire network.

Quickly preview scenes by sending the results of the Team Render directly to the Picture Viewer, or batch multiple jobs with the Render Queue. Either way, Team Render can be managed completely within the CINEMA 4D interface.

Peer-to-Peer Performance

Team Render is an all-new network rendering concept that uses peer-to-peer communication to distribute render tasks. Because there's no bottleneck at a central server, the assets required to render your scene get to each client quicker. This means clients spend time rendering instead of waiting for assets.

Render 1000 Frames, or just 1

Utilize the power of your team to easily render the frames of an animation or to distribute the buckets of a still frame. Machines share the workload to calculate caches for Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion and Subsurface Scattering so you can utilize advanced rendering features and still meet the deadline.

* The speed comparison was made using a typical network environment to better simulate a normal office network situation. The clients consisted of computers ranging from quad-core Windows PCs (2.5 GHz) to a 24-core Mac Pro (2.66 GHz). The results cannot be applied 1:1 to other networks but are a good reflection of the increase in speed that can be expected.

Realistic Look, Realistic Times: Rendering in Release 15

New GI and AO options make it easy to achieve the desired look.

You'll enjoy powerful enhancements to Global Illumination and the Physical Render engine in CINEMA 4D R15 Broadcast, Visualize and Studio, as well as improved Ambient Occlusion and multi-threading in all CINEMA 4D versions.

More Quality. More Speed.

CINEMA 4D has long offered irradiance caching as faster alternative to the render-intensive but extremely precise QMC method for Global Illumination (GI). A newly developed Irradiance Cache algorithm now delivers much better results in even less time! Caches are calculated per frame, which eliminates pre-calculation of the entire animation and delivers much faster feedback. And peer-to-peer distribution of animations to clients across a network has been made easier with Team Render.
Global Illumination offers powerful presets and greater flexibility than ever, with the option to mix and match the method used to calculate primary and secondary illumination.  Use Light Mapping to quickly calculate extreme diffuse depths. Ambient Occlusion can now be calculated more quickly based on the new Irradiance Cache method.

Intel Embree Raytracing

The more complex the better – and fast as lightning:
The Physical Renderer in CINEMA 4D R15 uses Intel’s Embree raytracing engine whose highly optimized algorithms increase render power by up to 300% - without any reduction in image quality! The more complex a scene is, the more you get out of this increased power, regardless of which processor you’re using!