Dynamics for Your Animations

Included in Cinema 4D Studio is an advanced Dynamics system.
Based on the proven Bullet library and enhanced with numerous unique tools, Cinema 4D's Rigid and Soft Body simulation features are one-of-a-kind in the 3D sector.

Rigid Body Dynamics

Rigid Bodies are objects that fall, collide, bounce and more - in short, they interact with forces and with each other. Rigid Bodies interact with simulated natural forces and with each other. Parameters such as Mass, Velocity and Gravity can be used to easily lend dynamic behavior to thousands of objects containing millions of polygons!


Soft Body Dynamics

 Soft Bodies are exactly what you need if you want to use simulated forces to deform objects. Cinema 4D Studio more than just wobbly shapes - objects can even be filled with virtual air!



Aerodynamic Forces

Animate with air? The new aerodynamic features in Cinema 4D make it possible! Simulate air currents, and let feathers, paper or leaves glide gently through the air. Use the Double-Sided option to let forces affect objects that have no real depth. Fly high with the new dynamic possibilities in Cinema 4D!


Addtional Tools

Cinema 4D Studio's Dynamics contain much more than just Rigid and Soft Bodies. You can use connectors like hinges, cardans and springs to let objects interact. Angular or linear motors can move your objects without the need of setting keyframes. And to top it off, torque and speed can be set individually to fine-tune your animation.

Cloth Simulation

Cinema 4D Studio offers an amazingly powerful cloth solution. Cloth can have many types of characteristics - stiffness, flexion, friction and many more. Cloth can stretch or break, just like any real fabric would do, whether it's wool or satin, cotton or silk. Cloth can even collide with elements in your scene as well as with itself.

Thanks to Cinema 4D Studio's unique algorithms, most simulations can even be viewed in realtime in the Editor View.

The Thinking Particles System

Thinking Particles is an rule-based advanced particle system that comes in handy when standard particle effects are just not enough. It uses Cinema 4D's XPresso interface to provide complete control over individual particles and particle streams. Thinking Particles can interact with one another and with their environment. Objects can be used as emitters and can trigger collision events that deflect particles or spawn new streams. Thinking Particles is an essential tool for artists who push the special effects envelope. If you demand the ultimate discipline of your particles you will appreciate the obedience and intelligence of Thinking Particles.

Emit particles from the points, edges or surface normals of any object with surface emission. Volume emission will emit particles within an object's volume. Thinking Particles also offers a collision detection, which can be used for further effects. It offers amazing possibilities for creating truly unique particle effects.