March 12, 2013

Replacing the old with the new

A good logo design is good to have – but replacing a well-known logo with a new one can be tricky.

Flash is required!

Kenan Dogulu has been a well-known pop musician in Turkey for numerous years. During his career he not only established a good reputation but also created his own image, which included a logo. When the decision was made that this logo should be replaced with a new one, Kenan wanted to communicate this change to his fans using an animated film.

The project was realized almost literally: the old logo acted as a trigger for a process that, by all appearances, set very old machines in motion. The logo, which is in the shape of a chased sun, is a switch onto which a single feather lands that in turn triggers an irreversible process. The switch is part of a complex mechanism made up of levers, flaps, gears, dials and many other moveable parts. The mechanism that is set in motion finally opens a well secured and locked secret compartment in which the new logo is hidden.

In the first steps of the production process, all elements were modeled and arranged in MAXON Cinema 4D. The actual transition from the old logo to the new is symbolized by a stream of glowing metal, which originates at the old sun logo and flows over a system of conduits through the machine and starts up the machine. The team at IDA Pictures used Real Flow to create the flowing metal. Adobe After Effects was used to composited this animation with the images rendered in Cinema 4D. MAXON Cinema 4D was also used to model and texture the majority of the scene. Because numerous close-up shots were used, the textures had to be very large and very detailed. MAXON BodyPaint 3D was used to easily format and scale these textures. Animation such as that of the rotating gears were created using XPresso Expressions, which made it possible to create precise movements.

IDA Pictures’ creative director Kaan Özsoy, who supervised the project, sees himself as more of a minimalist personality. In his opinion, each additional person involved in a given project will delay its completion accordingly. Kaan applies this theory to the use of software as well. With this in mind with regard to MAXON Cinema 4D he states, “I think of an application that respects your working time and lets you achieve your goals as effectively as Cinema 4D does as a person who is an active member of our team!

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