November 26, 2008

Visualization of New Air France Hangars and Airbus A380 Aircraft

Making a promotional film with two non-existent main characters.

Air France Industries commissioned the French 3D studio, 3D Weave, to create a promotional film showcasing the Paris International Airport's newly constructed infrastructure for the new Airbus A380 jetliner. The result was a five-minute film including industrial and architectural visualization elements.

3D Weave used CINEMA 4D for the successful realization of this complex project. The simulated grounds encompassed a total of 11000 real-world square meters and 2D blueprints were used as a reference to model the structures. Those Elements that were to be shown up close were modeled both in hi-res and as low-res versions. Expresso Expressions were programmed that were used to perfectly control the actions of moveable parts.

Just one month after the project began an initial film, two-minutes in length, had been completed and was immediately implemented. "I didn't know of any other tool besides CINEMA 4D that was able of delivering such outstanding results so quickly", said Stephane Anquetil, founder of 3D Weave SARL.

In addition to using CINEMA 4D, 3D Weave also counts on Adobe After Effects. The seamless connectivity between CINEMA 4D and After Effects is an unbeatable combination. Scenes were rendered in several passes, allowing vehicles, aircraft, characters and backgrounds to be combined individually. Subsequent changes to individual elements could be made quickly and easily without having to render everything anew.

"I was using CINEMA 4D even before founding 3D Weave. After founding 3D Weave in 2001, the decision to use CINEMA 4D as our 3D software of choice was an obvious one", adds Stephane Anquetil.

The resulting film received the Special Jury Prize at the Imagina 2008 in Monaco.


3D Weave

Air France Industries