May 6, 2014

MAXON CineRender Integration Adds High-End Render Quality to ARCHICAD® 18

Create photorealistic visualizations in ARCHIDAD with the integrated Cinema 4D render engine

MAXON’s cooperation with GRAPHISOFT, a leading developer of software solutions for architects and planners, has spawned comprehensive improvements in workflow and rendering. With the integration of MAXON CineRender, the Cinema 4D render engine is also included in ARCHICAD® 18, which means that photorealistic renderings can be created directly within ARCHICAD resulting in significant workflow optimization.

The easy-to-use Photo Shot function as well as numerous adjustable parameters make it easy for those new to 3D graphics as well as advanced users to quickly create photorealistic visualizations directly in ARCHICAD. And because rendering takes place in the background you can continue working on your project without interruption.

We welcome GRAPHISOFT’s decision to integrate CineRender in ARCHICAD 18 and also provide a link to Cinema 4D for all ARCHICAD 18 users who want to create high-quality renderings and animations,” states MAXON co-founder Harald Egel.
The seamless export of ARCHICAD 18 files to Cinema 4D makes it possible for planners to bring their designs to life with high-end animations and high-quality visualizations. They will also benefit from reduced render times thanks to Cinema 4D’s highly efficient render engine.

ARCHICAD 18 will be available in Germany and Austria in June, 2014. Additional upgrade information is available at: