May 3, 2010

Create Cartoon Characters in Cinema 4D with New Training from Digital-Tutors

Digital-Tutors, a MAXON Authorized Training Provider and creator of the largest online computer graphics learning library, today released ‘Creating Cartoon Characters in Cinema 4D’ - the newest video-based course for emerging digital artists using Cinema 4D, the world-renowned 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solution developed by MAXON.

“Digital-Tutors continues to contribute amazing Cinema 4D training that not only teaches, but also inspires learners with distinctive content for dazzling results,” said Paul Babb, president and CEO of MAXON USA.

Artists of all skill levels will be able to explore over 3 hours of interactive training and nearly 20 in-depth lessons with ‘Creating Cartoon Characters in Cinema 4D.’ Members will learn a production-based workflow for creating stylized cartoon characters including a multitude of time-saving tips and techniques to modeling, texturing and rendering in Cinema 4D.

Creating Cartoon Characters in Cinema 4D
Key topics and highlights: blocking in the basic shape of the body; shaping the head, cheeks, brow and eye area; adding resolution to the eye area and mouth; finishing the mouth; adding the ears and eyes; building arms and legs; hand geometry; adding fur to arms; modeling feet; adding fur to cheeks; modeling a nose; building teeth; modifying a model's shape; adding fur to the top of the head; modeling a tail; creating a toon render; and finishing the materials and adding whiskers.

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