Double-Stitched is Stronger

An Indian jeans manufacturer wanted to lure visitors to exotic places using a unique web event. MAXON Cinema 4D was used to tailor an intro out of denim.

Flash is required!

The jeans manufacturer Levis Denizen used a special web event to show how universal denim is for clothing articles and how widely accepted it is around the globe. Titled ‘We are Explorers’, the event sent two adventurous hosts on a trip that lead them through India in the first season, Mexico in the second and China in the third. Short web episodes showed how the hosts experienced the cultures and peoples, and how they got to know the countries themselves. In addition to the overall design itself, the web site on which this event ran included intros, openers and clips created by the agency Republic. The material was created in a 2D look in which all elements looked as if they were made of denim.

At first glance the result looks like a 2D animation, which was exactly the effect the designers wanted to achieve in the allotted 10-day timeframe they had to complete the entire project. In this time the 2D elements had to be integrated with 3D elements, which required precise texturing, had to be animated using no cuts, properly arranged and finally output in a cool rendered look.

Thanks to the excellent connectivity between Cinema 4D and After Effects, compositing was a cinch. The great 3D display in Cinema 4D’s viewports, the fast preview renderings and excellent, speedy GI render quality were key in planning and realizing this project. “All of this would not have gone so smoothly had it not been for Cinema 4D’s reliability and speed,” stated Republic’s Vladimir Tomin.

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