Coca-Cola Cooler Graphics

Jean Marc Clain, CEO and Creative Director of Milano Advertising GmbH about using Cinema 4D

"When I started working as a designer in an advertising agency (CMF Advertising GmbH) at the age of 19 graphic design for print was still being created exclusively using traditional methods. At some point I started creating 3D objects and integrated them with graphics created the traditional way. In 2002 the first Coca-Cola Cooler® visuals were created using this method. From the very beginning, working with Cinema 4D was easy for me thanks to its user-friendly interface. Thus I was able to create various graphics for the new Coolers® which can be seen today in almost every German supermarket - even in some throughout Europe.

Working with Cinema 4D proved to be advantageous in more ways than one: Imagery can be created much faster than with traditional photography, which saves money; changes the client may demand can be made right away. There's no doubt about it - 3D visualizations have become a mainstay of classic graphic design, also due in great part to the fact that Cinema 4D is so easy to learn and use."

Jean-Marc Clain