Pure Poetry in 3D

Emiliano Topete was not supposed to use 3D for his episode of Imaginantes. But Emiliano used MAXON Cinema 4D to turn the tables!

Flash is required!

Imaginantes is a series of animated short films produced by the Mexican broadcaster Televisa. Each episode is self-contained and is designed by a different artist. The episodes revolve around the works of famous authors and artists. Some also deal with legends and fables or even spiritual views. These films deal with issues important to all people and for the peoples of Mexico in particular.

Miguel de Cervantes, Ray Bradbury, Jorge Luis Borges, Sergei Eisenstein and many others were featured in the Imaginantes series in which the narrator José Gordan tells interesting stories about each artist’s work and each artist shows his or her work in the film. The topic of Emiliano Topete’s film were jungle poems as told by Carlos Pellicer in which Mexican myths and legends are given a modern touch. In particular the legend of the ‘Dreams of the Jaguar’ was to be visualized – but without 3D, according to the broadcaster’s wishes. As a passionate and experienced Cinema 4D user, Emiliano didn’t let himself be discouraged and created a character painted in BodyPaint 3D and rendered with Sketch and Toon for the screen tests. The result could not be told apart from hand-drawn 2D animation and Emiliano was given approval to create the film using his technique and Cinema 4D.

Strengthened by the re-assurance this approval had given him, Emiliano got to work on creating his film. To achieve the right look for the main character – the Indio girl – Emiliano first created a clay model. Photos of this model were used as background images in Cinema 4D as a kind of blueprint for the modeling process. The finished model was then painted in BodyPaint 3D. All other film elements were created in a similar fashion and subsequently animated so the final result had a ‘handmade’ and ‘hand-drawn’ look. Emiliano stated: “Cinema 4D is a tool that lets me bring my visions to life!”